How grateful are we?

2016 - 1

I found this picture and it had me thinking… we spend most of our times complaining about what we have or what we should have but have we ever thought it could be what’s best for us at the moment? Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t say you shouldn’t aspire for more but do you appreciate what you have now? Those little things which make life worth living for?

Being grateful is appreciating who and what you have today. It’s the people you have, those you meet, the little gestures which make a difference.

Talking about people, I get a lot of people who say ‘why should I praise some common human being like me?‘, ‘what he did is not so special so what’s the big deal?’ Of course it’s a big you think everyone will pick up his phone just to listen to your problems? Do you think everyone will sit you down, give you advise, make you laugh and share those priceless moments with you because they had nothing doing? NO! Sometimes people drop everything just to make sure we are alright and that’s great. At times they go through worse things than we do but they rather keep it to themselves for they value our happiness over theirs. That over there is inestimable. I understand there might be some really nasty people we met in this life of ours but I believe they did teach us lessons who built into the people we are today. We do need to be grateful for them too.

Family. I always say family is everything for no matter what happens, family always has our back. They’ll always stand by us even when things get rough but do we ever take some time out to say thank you? We often believe parents are supposed to send us to school, buy us clothes, feed and provide for us…maybe but not all parents do so. Some don’t have the means and others at a point in time no longer care about you. What about you who has an amazing family, with loving and caring parents and those crazy/funky siblings? Do you realize its worth? I usually say ” I’m not lucky, I’m blessed‘ and that’s true.  Be gratified for the home, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.

Things. There’s always something to be grateful for but I think I greatest of them all is the gift of life. Waking up each morning, healthy, makes a difference and is definitely a wonderful gift. Most of the time we want to do big but we forget that little things are those that touch the most. Have you ever just sent or received a message saying ‘ I’m thinking about you today and you hope you have a nice day‘ and felt like you were important? Or simply sent flowers or bought a chocolate for a kid and seen the happiness in his eyes? Believe me, these little things are precious and maybe if we did them more often we’ll be happier. Be thankful for the small things, big things and everything in between.

Consecutively, happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time,it’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it and you’ll definitely end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never, ever have enough.. So ask yourself this question today ‘ what am I grateful for‘ and take some time out to thank who ever has been there for you and for life. As for me, I’m grateful for the nights that turned into mornings, the friends that turned into family, the dreams that turned into reality and for you all who read my posts everyday. Y’all make my day! God bless.

“Start each day with a grateful heart”

Sammy J


19 thoughts on “How grateful are we?

  1. You’re absolutely right Sammy J about your stand on the Various points you mentioned in this work especially on the reaction of some people towards the deeds of others to them. Whatever anyone does for you is a big deal cos not everyone can do that for you even when some person knew the can……. Must confess it’s a good work you’ve gat here. Keep it up until you get to the Apex of it.

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  2. Wow that’s so aspiring. Thank you Sammy J. For describing how greatful we are with life when we never relize it because we always want more.
    May God continue to bless you with this gift.

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  3. A lot of peole don’t understand how happiness work, most of the times people take out the own happiness by complaining about the little thing they have. In other to be happy we must learn how to appreciate the little things we have.

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  4. Lovely post! Love the pic!!

    Being grateful is so important. We take so many things for granted!

    I once took having an older brother for granted. He has been gone since 2007. I once took my parents for granted they are both gone also. Each and everyday is a gift. i won’t do the that’s why they call it a present thing…

    I did not state those things because I am a victim. I am not! life is just that life. You have to take the bad with the good and the good with the bad. I am blessed with two beautiful adult children.
    3 wonderful grandchildren. My son made it back from a year at war…. LIFE IS GOOD!!

    I love it Sammy J!! 🙂

    Kind Regards and feeling grateful for each day-K

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