I wanna see you be brave


Bravery…such a big word which always surfaces in all conversations: ‘you need to be more brave‘, ‘you need to fight your fears‘, ‘you have to be bold‘ etc etc but what exactly is bravery? I in particular have spent a majority of my life wondering what being brave was all about and when I did sometimes, it didn’t even yield fruits thus breaking me down.What then could be an alternative or rather a complement?

Being brave isn’t the absence of fear; it’s having that fear but finding a way through it. Just like that picture indicates, we do have a calm and gentle appearance (the cat) but we are way greater (like the lion). We are fighters, powerful, great and fierce but all we need is  express that passionate side of us. We are humans and most of the times we’ll need validation, assistance, confirmation, encouragement and you name it. But just as we need them, the same way we need to believe more in ourselves, in our capabilities and abilities to make choices on our own without waiting on someone to say if its right or wrong. We need to see ourselves as we really are and go through those risky paths because we do believe in the outcome and not what’s in between. We need more of those sleepless nights where we sit down and talk to ourselves, where we listen to that inner voice that keeps telling us ‘ you can make it‘, ‘fight the fight‘, ‘believe it’s gonna work‘, ‘take that path for its risky but it’s worth it‘. If you’re more of a religious person then get down and pray about it..get strength from the Lord and make it right. Do whatever it takes, but get through it. Be audacious and even if you are not, pretend to be for no one can tell the difference. Our fate, destiny, future lies within us; we just need to open our eyes and see it.

Bravery is not all about doing things we’re scared of; it’s also about letting go of what is holding us back from being the real us. It’s about taking the bold step and recognizing there’s a problem and we’re willing to change that. It’s about being able to say the truth even if we know it’s gonna hurt the other. It’s about admitting we are wrong, admitting we are scared and being strong enough to ask for help when needed. It’s completely giving ourselves away and expecting only the best to happen. Bravery takes honesty so yeah, stand up and speak your mind..are you hurt? Are you lonely? Are you in need of something? Whatever it might be, go forward and claim it..own it and let the rest fall into place and even if it doesn’t, then it wasn’t the best in store for you.They say “if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello“so all you gotta do is believe!

I asked if there was an alternative for bravery and I think creativity can both complement and reduce bravery. In many situations we do feel at ease when we have our stuff planned  and I think this helps. You can use your creativity to be fearless. For example, in the case of an outbreak of  fire, you can decide to cover yourself with a wet blanket while trying to save someone else hoping to get out unhurt. You might be scared but the idea of a wet blanket literally evades you from your fear and you’re more focused on saving a life. So creativity when used positively gives us courage.

  • In the same way creativity helps us be fierce, it might as well break us own. For instance, after watching a scary movie, we usually use our imagination to reproduce all those scary parts or more, we create our own horror movie. We can’t even get into a dark room because we’re scared someone’s gonna attack us from behind or we might be killed. Here our creativity is used at our disadvantage and we’re more of panicked than at peace.

Conclusively, what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are just small matters compared to what lies within us.Being brave isn’t supposed to be easy but the key is to keep moving. Use your creativity to your advantage and break those fears. Get out and express yourself. Stay positive, stay strong, stay ambitious, stay fighting, stay focused on your goal. See more of the lion in you than the cat you believe to be. I wanna see you be brave!

Sammy J


10 thoughts on “I wanna see you be brave

  1. Reblogged this on publish674 and commented:
    Being brave isn’t the absence of fear; it’s having that fear but finding a way through it.
    This is my watch sentence.
    It is when things are not moving and we need to be brave that we are able to achieve ideal results, so friends be brave, be courageous and be bold.

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  2. Thanks Sammy.. Now I know how to use my mind to my advantage when m scared of taking a step. It’s very important we learn how to conquer our fears if we truly want to be successful. God bless you great one.

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  3. Wow Sammy, you are adorable i must say your thoughts are very very powerful and inspiring you are right but i think in some cases we need to talk to some couples of frds not that we need them to make the decision for us but to pick some ideas from what they have to say and add them with the ideas we have. I was also living a very quiet life but it was not helping me instead it was putting me down coz peoples were always taking me for grunted so it’s impontant to express our anger .Thanks Sammy God will keep blessing u with more knowledge

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  4. if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello“so all you gotta do is believe!
    This is were I get touched because I have always found myself in this situations

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