Never give up

“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them” (Maeve Greyson)

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking of what my life is gonna look like, what is important, what is worth fighting for and what’s not and for real it has been very exhausting. In the process, I’ve understood that not only will I hurt/shock people, one will also have to be a little selfish because at the end of the day, you can’t always please people. Moreover, this is your life we are talking about, so whatever you decide to do will be on you alone; the failures, the successes, the cries, the breakdowns etc so why not pick the items that will make your life a little better?  I then came to realize that there’s a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.

Giving up is failing on your part to start, try or continue doing something, where you know there is even the slimmest chance of success. That feeling of no turning back, completely dropping everything. I think this happens mostly when we are either scared of trying something new or we no longer want to do whatever we’ve been doing. Either cases, giving up is an option and shouldn’t  be a choice. This then brings about the word letting go which happens when you’ve done your best, tried your hardest, and still somehow the world says “Sorry, but its a No”.Here, it’s not your fault for even after all the efforts, it just didn’t work out. Those moments when you say ‘I tried, you didn’t , so I’m done‘. That’s life, some people and certain situations are not meant to be and we will have to let go to have a more peaceful life.

Having enough is when it’s not worthwhile and you can no longer continue, hence going for something better. It is when you’ve been a willing sacrificial lamb or punching bag to someone else, or in a certain situation or circumstance. You’ve put up with the other person’s behavior and actions, no matter how detrimental they are towards you, because you love or care about them. Or maybe you’re comfortable or it’s a sweet escape from reality, an arrangement for peace and less resistance. Whatever the case, there will come a time when you will scream out loud ‘Enough is enough! This has got to stop‘. That moment of truth where you say ‘ I’m tired of crying, of being hurt, of making mistakes, of being scared, of being walked on and it’s time to get up‘. This is when you’ll have to step out and claim your life, make your own decisions and be the grown up you’re supposed to be.

Finally, I do believe we should never give up on our dreams, on us because the moment we decide to quit is usually the moment our blessing is about happening. I know it sounds easy saying it but before thinking of ever giving up, think of how far you’ve gone and remember those who think you can’t make it then prove them wrong. Dream so big you’re scared of them yourself but let it never discourage you. Sit down and evaluate your life, what do you really want? Is it what you are doing? Are you happy? If the answer is no then do make a change, go for your dreams and make them happen. Let go of all the unnecessary things and the negativity in your life and embrace positivity and a life full of opportunity. Know when you’ve had enough and work for a better future. Do what needs to be done but just don’t give up. Never give up.

Sammy J


11 thoughts on “Never give up

  1. Thanks again Sammy for sharing your believe with us. That always be the hardest part for anyone when we fail once, we act like there’s no tomorrow or hope. Instead of disappointed when fail we have to learn from our failure to success. May God continue bless you with more inspirational tought so you can bless his child around the world

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  2. Sammy you are absolutely right in all the points, but i really like this point that we must be abit selfish that is true coz when we live to please others at the end we will be hurt so badly so in this case i think we should first of ourselves. thanks so much for your time Sammy God will keep blessing

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