A fake smile or a good laugh

“Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.”

I think I’m one of the most jovial people you’ll meet in your life but believe me, all those smiles aren’t always real. At times, I’m just normal and people will say ‘Sammy smile a little‘ and sometimes when it’s funny yet I smile, they say ‘Sammy you should laugh a little‘. I mean, I think there’s a difference between smiling and laughing right?

A smile is just a feeling; it expresses a feeling of satisfaction and good will. It could be big issues but generally, they are very little things that make us smile. For example, receiving a cute message from family or friends, helping someone and getting a ‘thank you‘ in return, taking care of someone and seeing them happy. But I think that what makes us the most smile are compliments. Even when you know you haven’t done the best, hearing someone say ‘wow..I like the effort you put in. It needs some adjustments but that’s a good piece you have over there. Keep up this way‘ makes the difference. This literally gives you the strength to do better and make the best of whatever you are willing to do. It makes you feel appreciated and I think it’s one of the best feelings in the world. We do understand that life isn’t always a bed of roses and so we wouldn’t necessarily be smiling all the time and when we find ourselves in difficulties, we often tend to go for an easier method to avoid interrogation; the fake smile. For people who don’t really know you, this will go unnoticed. While faking a smile could be helpful cuz it kinda helps you evade for a moment, it’s always better to just accept that situation and try to actually move past it. That’s why it’s important to know what makes us smile so in times of difficulties, we turn to our source of joy. In such a way, even through the rain, we see a rainbow, sunshine and life’s more beautiful.

Laughter comes from surprise or a recognition of an incongruity. Laughing is generally evoked by something being funny –a joke or story that sets an expectation and then breaks it. It’s something bigger and most of the times you can’t really fake it and when you do, it’s easily seen. It all happens in the eyes because when you have a good laugh, your eyes glow up. You can’t sit on your own and laugh except if you are mad (hahaaha) so laughing is more of a group and social thing. You could laugh cuz of a comedy skit, at a friend or even at yourself and this cheers your soul. You get to understand you are not perfect and life is all about living in the moment and having a bit of fun. So yeah, break the rules and laugh out loud, let it flow and don’t hold in anything.

Conclusively, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear so keep smiling, people won’t know what you’re up to. Let people know you’re a lot stronger than yesterday. Know what makes you laugh and make them your bestfriends so your face always stays glowing. Be someone else’s sunshine just with your smile cuz you never know who might be falling in love with it. Be a lot more joyful and even when the world gives you a thousand reasons to cry, give him that one reason to smile. No more fake smiles but more good laughs.

Sammy J


2 thoughts on “A fake smile or a good laugh

  1. congratulation dear i don’t have much to say about this topic coz u are verry correct..all I’ve to say is to ask God to keep u higher always ucoz u are a blessing to us ur frds, to be honest I’m proud to be a frd to someone like u with much wisdom…God bless u

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