Be humble and learn to forgive

Everything in life starts with being humble and having the will to do something; to crawl. to walk, to talk, to succeed, to find a job, etc. You first have to admit you need help to be able to reach where you want to. Same thing applies with apologies; we need to be humble enough to realize we made a mistake and take a bold step accepting it thus asking for forgiveness. What is forgiveness all about?

Forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. Sometimes we forgive even when we didn’t receive an apology and it takes a brave person to do that. Other times we forgive and even forget it ever happened and other times we just can’t let it go cuz the pain is too hard to bear. At times we forgive and still keep contact and being friends and other times we just can’t stand the person any longer and we then part ways. Whatever type of forgiveness we choose to practice, it all starts with us. We think forgiveness is all about the other person coming to us for it but it affects us more because while some may truly be remorseful for their acts, others just want to complete formalities and move to other things. You who decides to keep grudges against the other is hurting more because you are keeping too much pain and anger in you so just let go. You need to be able to forgive even before the other person asks for it. At least you would have played your part and you won’t have to answer to any one. You will be at peace with yourself.

This brings me to my main point; be humble enough to ask for forgiveness and don’t just ask because you want to fill in formalities but make sure you have had a cool head and re-evaluated the whole situation. Be aware of your wrongs, know where you have failed, realize your mistakes and then seek for the possible solutions. Ask yourself certain questions: what made the situation happen or reach the level it reached? Are you open enough? Do you listen when they talk to you? Are you selfish? Ungrateful? So many things lead to disappointments, arguments, anger etc but the most important thing is to find the loophole and mend it because the step of acceptance is very important and when you do realize it, do not fail to ask for forgiveness. It will necessitate you to stoop low but it’s not really stooping low because being humble is actually very uplifting and you gain respect by that. Being arrogant and deciding not to do so will instead make you look like a coward. So go on and say you’re sorry and it may take time but you will get there. It may be hard and you will find yourself crushing, breaking , crying because you feel you’re losing everything but don’t give up. If you have some faith, then everything will fall in place. Show you’re making efforts, take down notes and see your progress, pray and ask for guidance. When you are in need of something, ask for help but don’t let go.

I can boldly say today I’ve had the most challenging week of my life till date and it’s just the beginning of my tests but I’m learning. A loved one taught me how to fight but most importantly not to give up. I know I have hurt, disappointed, broken people’s heart but at least I now know what’s important to me and I’m gonna fight for it. I may have made the same mistakes over and over again but I just know this time is different and it will take me whatever it takes, i will get there and I’ll prove to you I wanted this and I made it happen. I am not perfect and I will never be but I’m a work in progress and yeah I’m a fighter so I will fight till my last. The Bible says “Humility preceeds glory” so I hope we all get to be humble to reach our highest heights and not slack. If you can forgive, do so…it may be hard but sometimes it’s at that breaking point that you know the real worth. Just believe and be humble.

Sammy J


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