I am more than what you see

I may not be your friend,

But I will always be ready to listen.

I may not be soft with my words,

But I can teach you by the way of action to repent after each fall.

I may not have silver nor gold to offer,

But my heart and intentions are pure.

I may not have the beauty the world likes and admires,

But I have talents yet to startle the world.

I may not be a man of wealth,

But my riches are abundant in the Lord.


You may think I know nothing about you,

But I could write you biography.

I may not be modern,

But I know what it takes to be.

You may take me for an evil doer,

But have you gone deep into my life?

You may think I’m a noise maker,

But do you ever try to make sense out of my words?

You may think I have no problems,

But did you take time to notice the sadness in my eyes?


You may be the world’s best but pride is an enemy

Waiting for the least chance to grab your life.

We are usually too quick to judge, too quick to criticize

Just be observant and patient with each and every one

For you never really know till you take time to discover

What is truly hidden behind these beautiful faces you meet each day.


14 thoughts on “I am more than what you see

  1. Wow that’s an amazing poem Sammy . Too often people tend to judge the book by its cover, but don’t take the time to read it.
    ” don’t judge a book by its cover”.
    Be blessed


  2. Your words are truer than true. You have obviously run deep and take the time to get to know others… and deserve the same in return. If only people would take more time to get to know each other…

    What a lovely way to portray the way people act in words…

    I truly believe that those of us that take the time to look closely into the actions, reactions and eyes of others are already a step ahead.

    Thank you for the inspiring post… i literally felt it.

    Kind Regards and now pensive – K

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