What July taught me

I had written this post some time back since I got into the habit of planning ahead, this new month is the perfect time for posting. I think every end or beginning of each month, we have to evaluate how it went: What habits can we stop/improve?Did we improve as a person? Did we learn something? What can be changed?  So this is what July taught me…

Trust in God. I took this time to really go deep into reading my Bible and knowing Him. Believe me, just waking up one morning and saying I want to be more prayerful takes alot of devotion and determination. And I won’t slack. I know every situation He gives us is never too hard to handle so in everything I do, I place it into His and simply Trust His ways. He knows better🙏

This life of yours is not just about you. I hear alot of people talking about being selfish and focusing on oneself. Maybe it’s right but that should be more of self-care than selfishness (will talk more about it in another post). Your actions, choices don’t just affect you; your environment, family, siblings, friends etc all belong to that sphere you call life so be careful. Don’t hurt others and yourself in the process.

You will have to let go. Let go of what’s holding you back from being the real you. Let go of what you can’t control. Let go of what’s not good for you and sometimes what you want the most, is what you need to let go of. Just trust everything will fall in place in due time.

You will have to be by yourself. I’m normally a lonely kinda person cuz I’ve always been on my own. But naturally, I have one or two friends to whom I run to whenever I’m down and stuff. Occasionally, you need to let them be and be by yourself. See things with your own eyes, understand them and find solutions on your own. This enables you to be less dependent and to trust your guts. People might help you but no one can really save you. You alone can make the right changes so take responsiblity for it.

Take time. To know who you really are, what you like, what you love, what you really want. It isn’t a crime trying to find oneself and pick up from the pieces. You might have to cut yourself off from friends, social media etc and it’s okay. Just take your time and get your stuff together. You’ll be surprised at the things you learn about you just by walking slow. Flow with the movement and don’t rush things.

Plan ahead. I have been off for a while and don’t write as I used to but this doesn’t stop me from doing what I like doing. I just bought a book to be putting down all my ideas and subjects for writing and surely in due time, y’all will be blessed with more writing. Plan your stuff; be it school, your meetings, friendships etc. This enables you to have more control over your life.

Learn from your mistakes. This particular point might appear in all my end of month reflections because it’s just something usual. We all make  mistakes but the deal is to not make them any more. Learn from them and build yourself. Be a better person and grow.

Love regardless. Life will put alot of breathtaking situations which might make us wanna be cold, hateful, heartless and that’s the wrong attitude to adapt. No matter what life throws at you, love regardless. This enables you to be more patient and take life as a blessing. Try to see every positivity in everything. You’ll be more at peace.

So, this end of month review is a great idea and I will be doing it every time now. This could be good for those who always make those long lists of new year resolutions etc..Maybe instead of having a new year resolution you can have new month resolutions and in the end, you see how far you have gone. Don’t see how far or the long the road is, see every step you’re taking and encourage yourself through the process. I hope you start having your list prepared and you reflect on your month and make a change. Have a blessed beginning of month. God bless.

Sammy J


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