Take your time and trust the process



I have been on the low for some time now and it really got some people scared and wondering if I’m alright or not. Well, I am…these past two months have been really challenging, exhausting, revealing and kinda depressive but I’m strong so here I am. During this while, I came to a realization: It takes time.

Time is very abstract and really it waits for no one. Just some few days ago we were home and my in-law was playing some of our cultural music and I was singing all of them. Mind you, these were songs played in my tender age and I exclaimed ” Damn I’m old” ( I really am not tho😂) and it struck me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates the phrases “ I need time. Give me some time to figure out my stuff” etc. Like why on earth do you need time for? Aren’t you supposed to already know what you want? Well..guess what? It took me time to understand this and the truth is YOU NEED TIME. Not everything needs a rush and sometimes even when you think you know it all, time proves you wrong. Sometimes you need to pause and reflect. Not only reflect but understand why the pause is needed. Ask yourself a few questions: where are you going to? Are you prepared for this journey? In case of any difficulties, do you have the means and strength to overcome them? Does it need to be done now or can it wait? Does this really matter to you? And if you can’t answer these questions or you have a doubt, then stop and wait.

Why take your time?

  1. Taking time helps you being focused on your real goal, what’s really important. You may be having a thousand and one ideas popping in your head and you may seem all needs to be done as soon as possible to get over them quickly. But rushing into them might instead bring you more pain, wastage of energy, expectations being broken and you just feel disappointed and maybe not good enough. Whereas the act of taking time gives you space to truly know what you want. It enables you to re-evaluate your priorities and plan ahead of time. So by the time you start your project, job, relationship, you’ll be prepared. If not 100% but a great deal of it. I agree certain things aren’t planned and life makes choices for us, but for those  choices you have full control over, take your time.
  2.  It enables you to know yourself better. I’m really surprised at the things I like lately or what I’m learning about myself. I  used to be so judgmental about a few stuff but now I’m more open. The fact that people are different from me don’t make them weird. You could find yourself through the process too.
  3. To learn and grow as a person. This enables you to see life from another person’s eye…no external force telling you what to do. You discover things, you understand them better. You evolve into a better you.

Trust the process. Its both exciting and also very scary because this might pause other parts of your life. You might put your friendships, activities, relationships, etc on the low too cuz you’re trying to figure out stuff. This doesn’t stop you from caring. Check on them once in a while and just trust that while you’re fixing stuff, they’ll love and pray for you even if its from afar. Maybe they need time too..just to have some time out. We all need an equilibrium in life so do what you gotta do. I did tell my friends I was gonna be off and they gave me their support. We all need to hear that ” I’m always gonna be there for you”, ” I’ll wait and pray for you to be okay” kinda talk. It motivates us. So don’t just go off with no explanations and expect people to guess things. Be open and just flow with the moment.  Most importantly, don’t just trust, but love and enjoy it cuz once you start putting those barriers on the way, you end up wasting that time.

Finally, I have decided to take time to figure out things in my life.  I do understand now that it isn’t a bad process at all. At times I’m really down and I just wanna hug someone, tell them I miss them, I love them and I really do. I just wanna have those crazy laughs and forget the world but I just keep cool and believe its for the best. So take time to love, to live, to enjoy, to laugh, to think and pray to your Heavenly Father for guidance. And when you engage in your life, be fierce and ready to fight the world because you will be sure of what you want. No one will tell you nothing. You will be your own master, your own BOSS. To those taking their time, more grace to you. I/we will be here waiting to see you emerge glorious. God bless.

Sammy J



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