How to acquire self-awareness


Its a new week and as it seems, I’m beginning my school year today😉. I’m kinda excited about it cuz it’s a step to making a change. I kinda needed a plan to keep track of where I’m going to. So for this week, I came up with a theme: How to acquire self-awareness. Being self-aware is one of the most important steps in becoming a champion. Most of the time we just go on with life and we don’t take time to really be aware of what’s up. So how do u come about that self-awareness? There are 4 things involved…


This is all about being in the present. Not being so focused on the “world outside” but loving what we have now. Cherishing the moments and making use of all the available resources we have. I’m not talking about being self-centered and just focusing on you. When you are secure with yourself, you’ll love others and you’ll attain an emotionally flexible state. So how can you be centered:

a)Do not multi-task. This happens more than we expect it. You just wanna rush things, do everything at once  whereas you need to take time and be cautious. It’s one step at a time. Try working on one thing and being a little perfectionist and see how it works😊.

b) Resist being distracted. Music brings me joy but sometimes it distracts me too so I gotta find a way not to get distracted by either the music I could be hearing outside or the discussions by my neighbors or plans being made by friends. Keep your focus on whatever you are doing at the moment.

c) Do not scatter your attention. At times you are working on a project and you have an interesting idea that pops up and you wanna switch plans. This could delay what you have been planning and simply misplace your priorities  beware.


Attention is one of the most personal and precious things we can give someone. It can’t be faked or forced. Do you remember when your teacher will scream ” Pay attention class?” What usually happened was that he got a temporary silence and later on, back to the chaos/noise making. Same thing when ur gf or spouse tells u” you don’t give me attention” and by this she doesn’t mean gifts etc. She just wants you to listen to her, take some time out for her and just really be with her. When we really pay attention, we obtain focused awareness because we have the desire to reach our goal and make it. Sit quietly as the moment faces away, don’t rush it. Make the experience valuable.


Yeah you could pay attention but its hard holding our focus. To do this, we need clear intention. What do you really want? You can’t send a confused message and expect a clear answer. If you feel hesitation, then you are no longer clear. For example, when you run a race, you need a clear objectif; which is to win. When you start worrying about you breaking a leg or you falling, then your body slacks. How do you fail holding focus?:

– You don’t know what we want.

-You think you don’t deserve what were trying to acquire.

-You have mixed feelings: Should I or should I not do this?

-You have inner conflicts: those two voices that either encourage or discourage you.

So, instead of figuring out stuff in your mind, make the process effortless. Apply your focus on things that charm you, things you’re passionate about. Things that matter to you. It’ll be easier that way.


The mind is so broad and you can’t afford to get lost in it. You usually have moments when you grow peaceful. Others even travel to find that inner peace by going to some distant island or going to the beach. The nature of the mind is silent, creative and intelligent. You need to value silence, to explore who you really are, to listen to your heart. It brings you closer to your deeper self. All you want to do is meditate at least twice a day, at least 10-20minutes. This enables you to visualize if you accomplished your goal. If you did something you shouldn’t have done. So ask yourself a few questions during this time:

-Do you feel lighter?

-Do you feel you belong?

-Were you grateful?

-Has your mood improved?

-Did you appreciate life? Etc..

When you meditate and suddenly drift away, that’s not the new habit failing but the old habit taking over. Life belongs to each one of us but we belong to life. Live the present moment. Transformation comes from within reach. You’ll get to where you’re supposed to be if you are self-aware of your goals and aspirations in life. Go for it and don’t lose focus on the way.

I hope as this week starts we get to be more self-aware of our choices and what we really do in life. These past two months have been challenging for me so as I’m starting school today, I just wanna reach the end unbothered and totally determined to make it. This is my goal for this year…coming out victorious. Have an amazing week. God bless.

Sammy J.


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