The Entertainer Blogger award


Oh wow…so I just went through my mentions and I fell on this award. I’m so grateful, humbled to see that someone has taken time to sit and read through my blog. So I wanna thank The Black Wall Blog for nominating me for this award and always support in and encouraging me with all her positive/constructive comments😊.

Sometimes we see blog-to-blog awards and think it’s just a mere picture but every little action we do makes a difference and without these awards, we wouldn’t even know how far we are impacting people (comments aside). Blogging has really enabled me to create some links with people, belong to solidarity groups or even be able to call ourselves family cuz we’ve shared the same things. There are some blogs that really inspire me, others make me strong, make me laugh for their writing is so touching.

So for this award, I nominate:

So I have a few questions to answer:

1) Why did I start this blog in the first place?

I wanted to tell a story, through my thoughts. I just felt that whatever I was going through, the mistakes I made, the lessons I learned and still learning, could be a stepping stone for someone and either encourage them, bless them or enable them maybe not to go down the same lane as I did. As youths, we turn to rush through life, try to have as much fun as possible but do we ever sit and think of the consequences? Well, I guess my thoughts and this blog direct one towards being selfless and most importantly, finding oneself.

2) what is your favorite book?

I’m not so much of a reader and most of the books I read was cuz I had an English or French novel in class…but my sister once bought me a book by Joyce Meyer and yeah, it helped me in some way so till date, my best book should be from her. Title is “Making good habits, Breaking bad habits”.

3) What is your favorite pass time?

I just love listening to music(singing), writing poems and dancing. Meeting new people and discovering how crazy we all can be as individuals is just something natural in the end. So yeah.that’s it.

So the rules are simple for those I nominated, this is what you have to do:

1) Display the Award image on your blog.

2) Write a post regarding your award.-(I utilized the one that came with! It was perfect!)

3) Nominate other bloggers for this award

4) Thank the person who nominated you.

5) Answer the questions above.

Congrats to those I nominated and have a great day. God bless.

Sammy J.


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