They still linger!



What to do with these thoughts

That pursue me all day

Constantly rewinding,rephrasing, rethinking

Hence giving me all these headaches.


What to do with all these emotions

That remind me I’m human

Consistently fluctuating, anticipating,intimidating

Hence obstructing the vision of my true feelings.


What to do with all this weight on my shoulders

That bring me close to earth’s gravity

Regularly drifting, migrating, upgrading

Hence wearing me down to floor level.


What to do with this pain

That bring me closer to the grave

Unceasingly doubling, governing, empowering

Hence leaving me hollow, just an empty space.


I tried crying but my eyes went dry

I tried talking but my voice went on a trip

I tried walking but my legs fell in a pit

I tried writing and I came up with this.


What to do with all this masquerade, condemners?

I think I should pray, to my Father, fervently

Because I tried forgetting

But they still linger!

Sammy J.


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