How long?


How long will you complain

That life is unfair

That things aren’t working for you

And you wish you had another life?


How long will you condemn and rebuke

Those who are there and wanna help you?

You chase away your real/loved ones

And you go for the wrong folks?


How long will you cry?

Trying to mend the broken pieces

Recapitulating and recreating your lies

When you can’t undo your wrongs.


How long will you refuse to change?

The same mistakes you keep making

Still fresh and you keep wondering

Why you haven’t made any improvement.


How long will you deny love?

Your words as sharp as a sword

Your heart as cold as ice

And you expect to be happy?


How long will you turn back against God?

You dive into sin each and every day

Gave all your attention to the evil one

And today you’re nothing but a mess!


Do you know your Lord is merciful?

Do you know He loves you unconditionally?

Do you know He’s greater than anything

And will definitely turn your world around?


Declare today you are done!

Done hurting, done giving in to sin

Done cursing, done living a lie

Done being used and feeling empty!


Life is in Christ, our Savior and Lord

He will cleanse and transform you

The old is forgotten and all things are made new

Take back your life…claim your victory. Amen!

May God bless each and everyone of you.

Sammy J.



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