to the silence in our lives…This got me in my feelings…DEEP STUFF and I can’t ignore it. BIg ups to you dear!!


To the lives that my silence ended,  to the joy i stole when I choked. I wish I could say sorry, but I can’t. Saying sorry would seem as if there is a way to atone for this atrocity so I won’t say it even though I am. What I took from you might haunt me even though I may never know what it really was. I know what you seek is answers but what I have is a tale and you won’t be any better for hearing it but I will tell.

A classic case of the regular clown who does not know how to interact beyond a joke. Masked in sarcasm and witty comebacks never allowing anyone to see past the red nose. When one hides from their own emotions they will seldom know how to speak up when others confront them with theirs. You do you and…

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