Life in between moments.


We always talk about the big things; those significant moments we either made or wish to make. The day we are born, our graduation, our white collar job, getting our first car, the first salary, getting married, our dream house, the kids,our first heartbreak, the day we lost a dear one etc. These and apparently any other occasions that marked us in this journey of ours eventually stay in our memory.

But come to think of it, all these appearances make a very small portion of our lives because they happen at a particular time and remain stagnant. They might change, either updrage or eventually fall apart. So what happens to the rest of our days? What about those days with no major big affairs? No heartbreaking, tantalizing, breathtaking situations? Don’t they count or are they simply a gateway to our success and heart desires? We live our average normal day anticipating the big events we let life slip past us. We forget about the little things that sum up for our happiness. We obliterate the little challenges that built our strength, patience and endurance. We blow the little acts of love that made us believe in the beauty of life. We underestimate the time spent together that made us cherish the true friendships. We vulgarize the moments shared which once taught us the true meaning of love. We eradicate the advices that once guided us in making the right choices. We just want the big things…

Why do we focus so much on the bigger stuff? Is it for our personal accomplishments or do we wanna reach a certain status quo in life so we could be regarded as successful? Is it because we plan on giving our kids a better future or we just wanna live the big life? Do they really matter? And if we didn’t attain that high statue, will we be regarded as useless/inexistent/unaccomplished/unimportant?

My sister always told me to never just be satisfied with being on the same spot even if it’s what I dreamed of. I should always aim higher not cuz I want a name but because it makes me better. Because I should be ambitious, I should always challenge myself and keep being a work in progress. That motivates me to being my utmost best. But if reaching the top makes you forget you once were at floor level, then you need to get down that ladder and humble yourself.

The real question is: why wait for the important moments to appreciate life when you can make every day just as important? Our everyday life is actually who you are. Now the successes and failures are just ups and downs that follow you through your journey. They just help you through. So make each day worth while, live it fully and be grateful. Life is actually what happens between moments. Take note of them. Cherish every little aspect. Grow, laugh, learn and be real. Maybe then you can understand life in its simplest form. God bless.

Sammy J.

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