My little Grace.



Your name says it all, you are our grace

So unxpectedly you came into our world

At that period we thought all hope was lost

Like a miracle, you cleared the way.


You are so pretty, epitome of beauty

I know God specially sculpted you for a purpose

Your eyes shine bright like the stars

And when u smile you put the sun to shame.


You are so brave, full of confidence

Just one year and 4months, you command respect

Marching round the house giving orders

No one can dare to defy you, my little soldier.


You are so independent, full of divaness

We thought you’d be late in your walking process

We tried urging you but you always have the last say

And when we least expected it, you set the pace.


You are so intelligent, full of intuition

You act with measure, cautious in all your ways

You repeat all sounds and understand what we say

Leaving us speechless like it was all fiction.


You are so caring, full of joy

You hate fights, that feeling of insecurity

I fake tears just to have you running towards me

To give me those sweet tender hugs of yours.


You brighten my days, I simply glow

You revive the kid in me, I simply freak

You teach me love,courage, I simply bow

By your side I’m a better person, I’m complete.


If this is what motherhood feels like

Then I’m ready to take responsibilty.

And if you get to see this one day,

Know I love you to the moon and back.

My beautiful little Grace.

Sammy J.


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