Till my dying day.



It’s another lonely night

I’m wide awake, in the silence of my room

The darkness seems to be denser tonight

Maybe predicting my fall, my doom.


I take a look at my life

Can’t really see nothing, so blurry

All I perceive are pieces, slowly turning to dust

I feel myself fading, gradually being forgotten.


Sadly enough, it’s during such occasions

That everything hits you real hard, freaky

Every word, act, decision, memory

Fill your every fibre and you feel the very vibrations.


I miss the young me, little Sammy

So jovial, funky, brave and carefree

Ready to rule the world and make a change

Sleeping without bordering if I’ll ever decay.


Life breaks us, mends us, builds us

I wonder what I would have been

If things were different, made brand new

Maybe better, maybe worse, I’ll never really know.


I can’t change the hands of time, I take blame

But what I can certainly do and retain

Is to learn from my mistakes, to be sane

Only then will I never be the same.


This is my ultimate goal

My prime purpose, my challenge

And I’ll keep trying over and over again

Till my dying day.

Sammy J.


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