Some day…


Some day, I’ll make you proud

You’ll see the fruits of all your sacrifices

Your tears wouldn’t have gone in vain

And there will be no more pain.


Some day, our stars will shine bright

And all our dreams will come true

Because we believed and fought the fight

How it happened? We’ll have no clue.


Some day, you’ll be mine

By hook or by crook, I really don’t mind

Then I’ll love you with every fiber in me

And I will be the only one you see.


Some day, we’ll look back and say

“Damn we made it” and we’ll wonder

Why we ever fumbled, why we ever bothered

Because the only solution was to pray.


Some day, I’ll meet my Heavenly Father

At His feet, I’ll kneel and bow down

Recollecting my life on earth and all I did

Hoping I obeyed and followed His will.


Some day, we shall all sit at the table

Laughing, feasting, rejoicing

We conquered life, with all its ravaging experiences

And we’ll simply live with no worries, peacefully.


Some day, everything will be alright

But until that day, don’t give up on me

Hold on tight to the dream

And watch it fulfill, turning to reality.

Sammy J.


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