I met you and I’m grateful.


We are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world so every day, every hour, every minute you meet someone…be it new or one you already know. Some at your workplace, in school, at the mall, the store etc and some coincidentally/accidnetally but I believe there are no coincidences in life. Every person you meet will change your life in his/her way: with a joke, with a witty comment, with a smile. One will provide an unction for your soul, caressing it and offering you a helping hand. One will help you see the world a little bit differently. One will stand by your side and be the best friend you ever had. One will redefine the word friendship to you by his/her charming, caring and lovely nature. One will make you believe in true love because through it all, they never left you. Another might break you and make you forget what love feels like. So many things happen in the relations we hold but do we learn from them? Do we appreciate them and actually make the most of it? I wonder…

I’ve met a lot of people in my life so I’ve had my share of tests in my various encounters. Truth is, while they played and some still play roles in my life, I had a role to play too and I can’t say I’ve always been an example or atleast been the best I could be. Maybe I hurt a few due to my actions and if some were to testify, they might say I was bad/mean/unfair to them and it breaks my heart. But that’s life and we all have our share of drawbacks. I like to talk about me and not what others did for it makes me realize I might be at fault too. So this is what I learnt from my meetings with people:

1) Be kind always to everyone for people fight battles we know nothing about.

I’m a natural jovial person but lately certain circumstances made me lose my joy and playfulness to the point where certain people I met were kinda scared to talk to me cuz they felt I was a stern somebody (but we are friends today). I didn’t notice it because once in a while, I’ll still pull out my smile and things will go back to normal. It took me some particular people to rekindle my flame, boost me and put a smile on my face with words of kindness. Not like they said something new or I never knew, but it was comforting just when I needed it and I understood life is still worth living no matter what happens. I have helped peopel just by smiling and encouraging and it’s always welcoming to know someone cares. So be kind to one another.

2) Forgive and let go.

While some people come in your life to stay, others are meant to leave and they might not do so in the best of ways. Breakups, lost friendships, betrayal etc and we tend to carry that hurt and pain along with us hence creating barriers in our next relations. Others go ahead and apply the ‘a tooth for a tooth‘ and ‘an eye for an eye‘ principle. How do you even cope with so much hatred against someone and sleep well at night? I think destiny has a funny way of repaying us how we treat others and that’s called karma so why not just let the universe play its part? When they crucified Jesus he said:”Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. (Luke 23.34) It was His will. So consider those hurting you are ignorant and simply forgive. Easier said than done I know but remember, everything happens for a reason. It was to make you strong, enduring and to instruct you. Forgiveness is about you and not them. Forgive them and be at peace with yourself.

3) Every one is unique.

Not every one has the same upbringing, comes from the same background, has the same culture, has had the same experiences as you so on meeting someone, keep your stereotypes and judgments aside. Be open to change and human nature in its diversity. I have friends and they are so crazy. Each one brings out something new and different; from bold, risky, spontaneous to quiet, shy, easy-going making me grow into a really assorted somebody and honestly, I love that. We might not agree all the time but that’s fine. Just imagine meeting the same people every day, doing the same things, saying the same things..life can easily become boring so we need that elasticity. Accept people as they are.

4) Be you.

There’s no need trying to change to fit in society. You might end up losing yourself and that’s the saddest thing to happen. There will be people and even if it’s just one person who understands and loves you for you, then you’re good to go. I think the purest form of love is being able to be with someone completely, being our true selves and being totally comfortable with them. So, no matter what happens, stick to being you and let people love you just that way.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. So this is a post of recognition for everyone who has been and who is still in my life right now. My family, my friendships, my relationships and those I’ve just met. I know I’ve made my mistakes and not been the best but I also know I’ve put smiles on your faces when you needed it and made you see the world a little differently. So, thank you for sticking by me. Your friendship, love means the world to me and I can’t wait to turn out into that great lady you see me to be. Take some time to appreciate those in your life, be pleased with the lessons learned and simply grow into someone better.  Don’t take any one for granted. It’s not the happiness that makes us grateful but the gratefulness that makes us happy. God bless.

Sammy J.


16 thoughts on “I met you and I’m grateful.

    1. Did we as humans deserve Jesus’s forgiveness as we crucified him? Who are we then to decide whom to forgive or not? If we are persecuted our Heavenly father will fight our bafttles for us so it isn’t in our right to say people don’t deserve forgiveness. Moreover, I said forgiveness is about you because while you’re keeping the grudges, whoever hurt you might be at peace so you are the one hurting in the end so maybe you can’t forgive but let go of the pain cuz its destroying you. Have a great day dear.

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    1. Awwww…this really touches me. It really feels good to know your workis appreciated. Thank you for this comment and you’re very welcome to recommend and share it to your friends and online. I’m grateful. Thanks again.

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