What October taught me.



Wow, we are just one month to the end of this year and it’s crazy. Time really flies. As usual, I always have a recapitulation of my previous month and so this is what October taught me.

1) Hiding doesn’t solve anything.

My entourage mostly friends can tell you about my disappearance from social media all becuause I had issues and I chose isolation even when I had the means to communicate. Most of the times when I’m in no good mood or when things are falling apart, I ghost and it isn’t always the best solution. You don’t need to hide and run away from yourself or your problems. You may need time and maybe space to figure out some things but don’t run away. Stand strong, face the situation and own up for your acts. Fix your mess and have people around you who can support and motivate you. That’s the only way you can make it out. Isolation tends to exhaust the energy charge of the soul. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there…you can easily grow mad out of loneliness especially when you let those thoughts creep in. Do talk to people when you can or to God. It’ll save you.

2) You can’t save someone. They have to make the choice to be saved.

I get attached easily and my friends are family to me. Sometimes when someone I care about has a problem, I get so deep into it that whatever affects them, literally affects me and if they are falling, I tend to fall too. This is a great risk. You can’t save someone. They have to be brave enough to make the decisions maybe to make things right cuz you can’t do that for them. When things are happening to me, what my family/friends do is simply guide me but at the end of the day, the choices are mine and it’s my responsibility to make sure everything goes through. As a friend or family member, it’s your right to be there for those who need you but not to fall when they are falling too. There should be a balance. Give them strength when they need it but don’t let them suck it all cuz you need it too. Do your part and let them do theirs.

3) It all starts with you.

Sometimes you can’t save someone not because it’s not your duty but maybe because you are not saved either. This is what I mean, I may give alot of advise and sometimes I don’t follow it myself perhaps owing to me being lazy or I feel it doesn’t apply to me. Sometimes we want to change someone or the world but we don’t realize the first people we need to change are ourselves. Not change as in becoming someone we aren’t but bringing the change and not expecting others to do it first. You want to teach about love? Give love, be love. You want peace? Start by forgiving your neighbour. Start by being someone better before trying to reach out to people. By writing everyday, I realize alot of things and I try as much to put them in practice. By applying my principles and directly changing and being someone renewed, I can be able to make a change. That’s the only way I could be an example to others. So start with you.

4) It’s alright if things don’t go your way.

I have been planning something and yesterday I was expecting an answer and hoping it’ll be fruitful but it wasn’t. The news came in late at night and I almost cried and then I paused..I said to myself “Sammy this isn’t how you want to start the new month. Not in tears. Cheer up for something better is ahead”. It’s my brother’s birthday too so I wrote something and posted it on his facebook and I slept. I chose peace and decided to see things on the brighter side. Not everything will work out like you planned and it’s totally fine. Maybe it wasn’t for you and also something bigger might be reserved for you. So don’t give up in view of little disappointments. Just keep working and hoping for the best.

5) If you can do it today, do it.

I’m kind of a fetish person because I always like pushing my things to either the beginning of the week or the month. Let’s say I want to break a habit, if we are in the middle of the month, I’ll rather push it to the beginning of next month so I could start afresh. I laugh. You don’t need a Monday or the beginning of the month to do something. If you can do it tonight, do it. The best way to get something done, is to begin. Stop finding excuses as to why you can’t do it now and start focusing on all the reasons why you need to make it happen. Same thing with keeping up with people. Do tell them you care about them. I always ask myself “If tomorrow never comes, how will I be remembered? Will they even know I loved them?” So once in a while I do check on my dear ones, I tell them I miss them, I care. Atleast they’ll know even if we in bad terms.

My month of September was my month of Faith. October was my month of realization and trying not to fall into temptations and as for Novemeber, it’s my month of application. I’ve learnt alot and if I just keep piling up and not applying, they might fade away. So this month, I’m taking time to put into practice everything I learnt and really going towards the change I wanna see. I pray I make it through. What are your resolutions for this month? I hope I helped someone with this post. Have a graced beginning of month. God bless!

Sammy J.


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