My Flesh.


My flesh,

You were given to me as a shelter

To contain every little piece of me

My skin, different from every other person

Some times make me look alienated, inferior

So they say, yet I stand for who I am.


You’re like this unsatisfying void, always hunting

I feed you with everything; food, drugs, drinks, money, clothes, appearance

You want more, MOre, MORE! It’s never enough!

I add fornication, theft, murder, envy, adultery, heresis

Yet it can’t quench your thirst!


The burden becomes too cumbersome

And on trying to cure the pain, I leave scars on the way

I decide to cut the doses, to retrace my initial path

And behold , you leave me sore, scrunched, ruptured

And I fall back, this time even stronger, deeper.


I feel trapped in this manic-depressive game

I’m your prisoner, you control me, own me

Like a puppet, you use me for your evil deeds

I cry for help, I grieve, I sin, my hands are stained

My heart is unpure, filled with darkness, turned cold.


I no longer want this: the desires, the foul satisfaction

The cries, screams because I hate who I’ve become

The marks left on my skin out of punishing myself

The sleepless nights due to numerous nightmares

The demons that chase me, who want my life

Simply by executing your commands, your tricks.


Oh my flesh,

When will you let go of me? Traitor!

When will this ever end? Oh God!

Set me free, Set Me FRee, SET ME FREE! but if you deny,

Then I’d rather die than succumb to one more temptation.


“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”(Mathew 16:26)ย 

God bless.

Sammy J.


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