If these walls could talk.


If these walls could talk

They’ll tell you about the shells I built

Not just around but also within me

Don’t ask me why, I’d rather go for a walk.


They could tell you about my troubled thoughts

Slowly poking, bringing back the memories

Of my sweet 16 and how I always fought

For I’d rather break a neck than be a source of mockery.


They could tell you about the sounds they hear

And my windows would testify with their eyes

Cus they watch me break down and cry

Even the darkness could no longer bear.


They could tell you about my diaries

How I simply flip through the bloody pages

Because I no longer have strength to fill the blank spaces

My whole being is going in flames, got no time for stories.


They could tell about my insomnia

How I lie in bed, counting all my tiles

I look at the clock, tic tac, tic tac, tic tac

Till I hear that voice say “It’s jugment time!”

And I start all over again.


If these walls could talk

They’ll boast about knowing me

My intimate moments, my deepest secrets

But truly, all they see is what I choose to give

And lately, I chose the damaged me

And that’s not who I wanna be.

Sammy J.


18 thoughts on “If these walls could talk.

  1. Beautiful post and blog! I found you from a comment you made on SavedAndBlessed’s blog. May I recommend you visit my beautiful friend, Diana Furr’s website? She is also a blogger, but writes about her daily conversations with her Abba Father, our Lord and Savior! She also helps people find their Identity and Destiny if they want help:

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