Never let yourself down.


I understand life is overwhelming. I understand things get rough and we feel we can’t make it. I understand we need support, help, love, care, trust, hope…something to hold on to. I understand we get tired way too easily lately and are at the verge of falling off and giving up. I understand that…but what I know for sure is: Never let yourself down.

You  are your own hero, your own machine, your own support, your own strength. You first because even if you get all the right ressources, love, care or whatever you need, if your spirit is crushed and you have already seen the end of the road, lost all hope, all of that will be useless. It starts with you, it always does.

I don’t remember how many times people have spoken to me, showed me the way, offered help yet I chose the other way, I chose to go astray. Simply because I wasn’t even my own person, I wasn’t there for myself and at a point I thought if maybe I received all that love, care, trust, you name it…from people, I’ll be good. Maybe for a while I was, but deep within, I didn’t encourage myself. I wasn’t seeing the need and that’s why lots of things never worked out. People will go the extra way for you, others may not but if you are not aware, willing, encouraged by yourself, everything might go down the drain.

I’m in support of people sticking up for their loved ones. Please never let them go. But for those people who need that support, never give up on yourself. Most of the time you are not as powerless as you think so don’t settle for it. Respect yourself enough to turn whatever situation in your favour and make the best lemonade out of the bag of ripe, fresh and frozen lemons given to you.  While you may have that support, you might also not have it. So before your hopes are being broken, be your own kind. Be your own motivation, your own support, your own love. Go for it, strive, win, be brave. The sky is your limit. Live, be happy, smile more often, embrace life.  Build yourself up, trust more in your capabilities. HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF. 

Understanding is the best form of healing. Making the best out of what you have is the best prevention from hurting in the first place. Thriving is the best form of revenge. You can make it. Just don’t let yourself down. Have a great sunday. God bless.

Sammy J.


8 thoughts on “Never let yourself down.

      1. You are welcome Sammy… It was a nice one from you… Most times the people we are expecting to say yes to our dreams may not be available, and they might not believe in our dream neither are they willing to support… (some bloggers calls them “Nay Sayers”)… So we shouldn’t wait for peoples approval or support…. We should learn to be our own support. This post is indeed a great one 👍👍

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  1. This was so great!!!! Thanks for writing this. I shared it on facebook with some men who had been in prison, on drugs, lost in this world. It was my gift to them this morning.

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