3 day quotes- Day 1


Hi everyone. It’s a new week so I decided to start with a Monday motivation through my 3 Day quotes.

I’d like to thank J L Hunt for nominating me for this challenge and I’m sure while sharing all this with you, I’ll be learning and motivating myself too. So for today I’ just gonna focus on situations, what we go through and to let yu know it’s not the end. Here we go:

1)roadsNo matter your situation, always see a brighter future. You’ll get there soon enough.



No matter how many times you fall, make sure you get up. Never stay down. Always stand strong.

3) life

Change your attitude towards things and watch them change/improve.

I hope this motivated you a little as you start this new week.

So, my first nominees are:




Rules For Nominees:  As you know, you are under no obligation to participate in this challenge…If you do,

Thank the person who nominated you,

Post 3 quotes, 3 days,

Nominate 3 blogs each day.  

So, congrats to all of the first nominees & enjoy the rest of your day. See you soon for the next theme.  Happy week. God bless.

Sammy J.



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