What November taught me.


Hey guys, it’s already the 4th of December and I really forgot I had to do a November review. I really didn’t want to do it, talk less of thinking about it because the way the month ended literally broke me and so I went off. But I just realized I had to keep going and not lose my good habits. So here is what November taught me:

1) Start with the small before u get to the big.

Responsibilities. We all want the big responsibilities so we get to prove our worth, our capabilities to handle life and the big decisions but we tend to neglect the little ones a lot. I have this thing with gadgets; I’m so careless with them and I tend to mishandle them so terribly and my attitude towards it is so nonchalant. They are gadgets, I could always replace them right? Ok..so it means I’ll have to spend more money on things I could have handled and now I could go about having money crisis because of careless spending…do u understand where I’m getting to? Because I can’t take care of my gagdets, I get to spend more and save less soon I lack money and I have bigger issues. I think we need to be careful with the little things so we could be easily versed in taking care of the bigger ones.

2) Take the blame.

Ego or pride is what kills most relations and we tend to try to explain ourselves instead of trying to understand why the other person is feeling some type of way hence creating more barriers and problems. I had an argument with a close person and I had done something wrong. I had a logical thinking to why I did that but when he stated the problem, I didn’t even trying explaining because I knew it’ll sound like excuses. So I took the blame, incriminated myself hopefully trying to save my relationship. I actually took a step back to understand why the person acted that way, maybe to feel their pain/distress/concern on the issue. I think sometimes it’s good to take the blame then later on we could discuss the real problem behind it.

3) You are in control of ur life.

Like I said my month didn’t end well but what I make of it is entirely my choice and it’ll affect my life either positively or negatively. I spoke with my mum today and after checking up on me she said ” you are truly the one who knows what u want. Its ur life so u know what to do with it.” This hit home. People may be around to guide u,help u, things will come ur way, life will be rough, good sometimes but how u make it in the end, is ur decision and you’ll have to make it right. You always chose what is right and not wrong, not others.

4) Sometimes u just gotta observe than act.

Not everything people do requires ur actions and reactions. Sometimes silence is the best answer. Maybe u need to give it time to settle down, for people to take real conscience of what’s happening and then real solutions can come in. I’m kind of impatient and I always want answers now n now yet I forget there’s time for everything and I need to take some chill pills from time to time. Be patient, pray about it and in the main time, work hard.

5) Don’t lose yourself. Focus on you too.

I have this thing with taking my friends’ problems personally and sometimes it drags me down alongside with them. It’s not a bad thing to be there for the people u love but sometimes u gotta remember they make their choices too and u can’t always tug them out of it. A friend of mine wasn’t I work so I tried to reach out to her and convince to come work for the money she desperately needed at the moment and I was going deep into it so much I lost focus on my own job. People make choices and so sometimes stick to it. You can only do what u can do and let them and God handle the rest.

6) Let your feelings flow/show.

If u wanna cry, cry out loud. You wanna laugh? Crack ur ribs out. You want to dance? Express yourself on that dancefloor. You are angry? Hit the table. Sometimes we let our feelings really choke us at the point of almost dying. We can’t breathe. Other times we hide them cuz se are scared of how we are gonna look…maybe stupid, childish,emotional or whatever. I am super emotional and when things are really overwhelming, I just cry. Yeah, I don’t want to keep.things in my heart any longer so I’m just gonna let my feelings speak for themselves. Don’t be scared to feel anything. It’s the best and worst thing in d world but it makes you human.

7) God above all.

I ended with this point because everything I came up with led to Him. Maybe my breakdown and being on my own was to make me realize I need to rely more on God than on humans because we humans do change a lot and sometimes the promises we make, we tend to break them way too often. The Bible says: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Mathew 6:33).   This is the time for me to get right with God, face my deepest fears, give my all to Him and eventually, I’ll get what my heart desires. I need to work on myself, build myself more than ever because this is what will mark my true change before getting into a new year. I need this more than ever so I’m really going to give it my all. Prayer changes things.

I don’t know about you guys but this December feels like a whole new level of my life and me getting through it could be the deal breaker, the answer to everything. Christ was born this month so I pray we do get what we all desire this new month. It’s the last month so I hope it’s gonna be the best of all. Happy new month, have a great Sunday and an awesome week awaits you. God bless.

Sammy J.


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