Her broken pieces (pt. 2)


It’s 5 am in the morning and Jane wakes up. She isn’t a very good sleeper so it was no big deal for her. It was one of the most peaceful sleep she ever had…guess she had been through hell and back and she’s been battling all by herself. She wakes gently and looks  by her side…there I am, sleeping peacefully just like a baby in a mother’s womb. She smiles at me…”You’re a blessing Sammy” and pats me gently. Then she rolls out of bed, wears her big sweater, picks up her phone and walks out of the room..

The living room’s really messy but she doesn’t care one bit. She crosses straight to the bathroom..looks into the mirror and damn, she looks like a mess. She washes her face and brushes up. She raises her gaze back to the mirror but she can’t stand the sight she sees, almost like she hated her own image. So she snaps out of the bathroom and straight to the window. It was a cool morning, it had rained the previous night and you could feel the dew and wet air. Jane loves the rain, it reminds her of her childhood moments. She stands there staring through the window, watching the dancing branches, hearing the birds chirping. She even caught a few squirrels crossing the road. She was lost in this world, in the beauty of nature. She felt that’s where she belonged, outside and not trapped in this house of hers. So she picks her coat and she walks out…

The streets were empty, it was definitely calm. Just the type of environment she needed; one where no eyes were watching, where no one would judge her, where she could express herself freely. Jane loves music so she puts on her headphones and goes through her playlist and falls on just the perfect song…Ariana grande- break free

 I only wanna die alive
Never by the hands of a broken heart
Don’t wanna hear you lie tonight
Now that I’ve become who I really am

This is the part when I say I don’t want ya
I’m stronger than I’ve been before
This is the part when I break free
‘Cause I can’t resist it no more…

She was singing and kicking though the leaves, like she was 5 years old, like she was being set free, like she was genuinely happy. But we all know Jane wasn’t convinced of that, she had not even really sat down to think about what happened. She was trying to evade, maybe it was the best thing to do…for now. She had reached the beach  and decided to sit down…she was laughing all by herself, playing the song over and over again.  Slowly the smile fades away…her phone vibrates…new message..she then realizes she has many voice mails and unread messages. She decides to open and see who left what…

Voicemail 1: Mom:

Hey baby girl, I’m sorry I haven’t called you in a while. I have been on and off and with your dad always travelling around, I’m so busy. It’s almost the holidays so I was wondering if you were gonna come over. Hopefully we will be back from China so we could always plan a family reunion. What do you think? You seem occupied with school and I hope all is going on fine. How’s Petra doing? Have you made any new friends? Get back to me when you can then. Take care baby, I love you.”

Mum was always having dad’s back. Everything she ever knew was about managing his business.Well she tried everything she could to make sure every child had love, support, affection from her. She was a mother, it was her duty so Jane couldn’t really blame her. She is a fighter and Jane respected her for that.

Voicemail 2: Dad:

Hey Jane…your mum said she’s been trying to reach you but you seem not to be taking her calls. I hope everything is fine with you. Could you get back to her please? Oh before I forget, did you receive the money I  sent las week? If you need anything well just call my accountant or your mum and settle it with them ok? Bye now.”

Tears started forming. Her dad was the ultimate business man hence he had little or literally no time for her or them…well she felt more left-out. She was the last one, out of three. She felt she was a misake, like they never planned having her. Everyone was grown and established and so she still had to depend on mum and dad.  All her dad ever cared for was money, business and more money. Jane was outraged listening to his voice and she deleted the message immediately…

Voicemail 3: Petra:

Hey bitch…where the hell have you been? You missed out on the hottest and coolest party ever plus there were these fiiiinnneee guys Oh my. We even had to book the hotel for the whole week cuz you know it had to go dowwnnn. Cmon we need to meet. Holla at me when you can ok? Bye..”

Petra was one of her  friends, no, acquintances and Jane knew her cuz of one of  her parents’ friends and since Jane was going to the UK and Petra was already there, she had no escaping. Bad company spoils the good seed…more tears…

Voicemail 4: Big brother (Paul):

Hey my little pumpkin, How are you doing? I can’t believe you missed my birthday, no calls? Not even a text? Now you’re getting me scared. Would have been mad but I’m sure you had a valid reason. Just call me okay? Bye sis.”

Paul was the eldest, architect, such a responsible and honorable man. Jane admired him and loved him very much. She had a great family, beautiful wife and a lovely kid. Jane felt protected and cared for by Paul. She just didn’t ever want to bother him with her problems, she didn’t want to be a disappointment. More tears…

Voicemail 5: Big brother 2 (James)

Jane, you better stop acting like a kid and pick my fucking calls. I don’t have time to be baby-sitting and having to check up on you like you were still in kinder-garden. And what’s up with the rudeness? Mum’s on my back and I’m tired of receiving all these calls. Get yourself straight and answer to everyone. Damn!”

James was the carefree one, the one who really didn’t give a fuck about what was going on as far as he had his paycheck every month. What was he doing? when you asked all he’ll say is ” I’m into business, I’m going to change the world“.  Jane tried not to let anything negative but she was already stuck in her emotions. The final tears…

Jane dropped her phone and her palms were on her face. She was burning, not fire, burning tears. She has her legs folding on that chair, trying to comfort herself. She had messages from family and so called friend and all she felt was more pain. One or two genuinely cared and the other two were pure jerks. She didnt really want to be the reason for anymore drama. So she sat there and let her thoughts fill her every being. She was shivering but it was nothing compared to the race going on in her body. She wanted to disappear, maybe they won’t even notice you know. Everyone seemed to be busy with their lives and stuff. She was lost in her world. Jane’s world is a very dark one and somehow she loved it because it was just about her, with a few tangling images of other people. Her world became darker and darker and she kept sinking deeper and deeper…will she make it enough to simply step out of that beach and go back to the warmth of her house? That world became her reality and she was lost in it…


Sorry for the long wait on part two..I was having my finals and now I’m done with school. So here’s Jane’s story…what do you guys think about the ongoing events? Can’t wait for the feedback and just in case you got lost, this is part one to keep you back on track.


Have a great beginning of week guys. God bless.

Sammy J.



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