Fixing trust.


They always say “love all but trust none“,

But I didn’t fall for it so I trusted you,

I couldn’t help myself from loving you,

Because it was my first time not being numb.


You had your way to my heart,

There was just something about you,

Something I couldn’t see my life without,

You were the missing part of my puzzle.


I was on cloud nine, what more to say?

You were my strength in my weak times,

My reflection, in the best of  ways,

My joy/happiness in my dark hours.


Then you left, suddenly, I can’t even explain,

I still look through the window, it’s such a shame!

All the flashbacks going up in flames,

Guess that’s what they call ‘window pain‘.


I find excuses, make reasons for this maquerade,

My hopes and dreams? All in the drain,

I tell myself this isn’t even a real case,

So I flush it all down memory lane.


I’ve played this scene over and over again,

I guess I shouldn’t hate the player but the game,

So this is me emptying my cupboards,

While I try fixing my trust.

Sammy J.


A friend of mine Ken wrote the same poem on fixing trust so you guys should check him out. He has amazing poems that will blow your mind away. Thank you and God bless.


28 thoughts on “Fixing trust.

  1. Goodness right from the first line.

    They always say “love all but trust none“,

    That’s me. Trust is hard to come by. Can we ever really know anyone? If we can’t know them, then how do we ever trust them?!?

    Deep thougths on this Tuesday. Thanks for making me think! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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