Christmas lessons.


So Christmas is over. I hope you guys had an awesome day. After all the cooking and feasting, I still got some time out to reflect on a few things. Christmas for me has been about being one family; putting aside everything and celebrating this great feast,food and more food lol. I’m far from my parents and siblings and I miss spending time with them. The past Christmas has taught me a few things and here I am to share:

1) Love conquers all.

The greatest commandment of all is love your neighbor as you love yourself, with all your heart, mind and soul. Love is everywhere, in everything especially the little things. Spending Christmas with people you love and even neighors and seeing other people happy is one of the greatest feelings  ever. I miss alot of people and things but one thing that’ll always remain is my love for them. So in everything you do, love regardless and spread joy/happiness.

2) You don’t need much.

It almost matches with my first point. When you do something from the heart, it’s more pleasing and likely unforgettable. We had a very little feast at home and we invited lots of people and believe me, everyone ate to their fill and was satisfied. We could have had a variety of meals and people woul have left in a typa way. But what we did, was special and from a good heart and everyone was pleased. So, appreciate the little things for they might be the most important ones. Be grateful for your lives, for sharing these moments with the people you love. Be thankful.

3) Forgive.

Forgiveness…pretty a big thing to do especially when someone has hurt us beyond compare. But here’s the thing, what hurts more..letting go or holding on to it? No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. My family and I have had differences but everyday we try to find ways to make it to next one. We need to forgive because unforgiveness hinders blessings and our personal growth. I’m on a journey asking for forgiveness to people I think I’ve hurt and I really won’t stop till I know I’m clear. We need to forgive and be able to build back our relationships.

4) Donot expect. Give instead.

Christmas is all about giving; mostly in the form of gifts and during that period we expect alot too: text messages from friends and families and sometimes we tend to expect more than actually consider giving. We always wait for people to make the first step and it shouldn’t always be like that. Maybe we need to be the ones to give first; give our time, be the first to send that text, be the first to call, be the first to care and love. That way you set an example and you won’t be questioned. I’m learning to simlpy give; give my love, my time, energy, help, care, support to people who need it or maybe even scared to ask for it. I choose to always be there for people. So learn to give, that way you live happier.


In all, the values I’ll always with on are: Love, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Being One, Unity, Happiness, Being an example, Selflessness, Charity.

I’m out of words but I really hope this Christmas was great to each andeveryone of us. If you think you learned something too this Christmas season, please feel to share with me in the comments.. I’ll deeply appreciate it. Have a good day. God bless.

Sammy J.


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