Everyone says they are strong,

Or think they can endure,

Till they are faced with real life situations,

and then they get all weak and weary.



Strength is not just about the physical,

It’s about holding up the mental,

It’s about believing in the spiritual,

And being the powerful emotional.


Strength is being able to cry infront of others,

And not being scared they’ll mock you.

It’s being vulnerable,

Yet brave enough to let that show.

It’s being authentic,

And not being scared of being judged.

It’s being completely broken down by life,

Yet being able to put on a smile.


Strength is having ur heart ripped into pieces,

And still considering love is a beautiful thing.

It’s waking up to bills, insurances, no money

And being able to strive even harder.

It’s seeing everything going amiss,

Yet hoping the future is bright.


Strength is my state of mind,

It’s deep within me.

It’s love,







It’s choosing  life.


Strength to me is …

Something to

Trust while

Remembering life’s full of ups and downs.

Enduring the pain and hurt but figuring,

Nothing lasts forever so,

Grow through the process and

Try never to give up and

Hope for the best always.


It’s feeling everything and wanting to feel more.

It’s being small but big at heart.

Strength is you and I.

What is strength to you?

Sammy J.


22 thoughts on “Strength.

    1. Thank you! As for the ant picture, I think we see them as small so maybe less important but truly they r strong beings cuz they do everything on their own; build their houses, find their food. It doesn’t matter how small you are, there’s always strength within u.

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  1. “It’s choosing life” stayed with me. I have gone through 13 years of suicidal spells. Today, I live by the phrase “Keep Walking”. I’m still struggling with strength in many aspects of life, but I’ll get there. It’s why I’m alive. 🙂

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