The meeting.


Hey Sky, this is Steven, the new accountant the company hired” said Britney, smiling as she introduced me to the guy. “Hi I’m Sky, welcome aboard“…”My pleasure and thank you!” he responded. I turn over to Britney and say ” I just had to grab some coffee. Got alot to do so see you guys around.” Before they had time to say anything, I was out of the room.

It was a normal day but I had a lot going on in my mind. Dad was sick and I had to make all the necessary calls for his treatments. Mum was up and down trying to keep her business working and was pressurizing me to give her some cash. My younger sister’s graduation was coming up and I had to arrange for her surprise party. How could my plate be so full in just one week? And where was I supposed to get all that money from? To top it all, a new accountant? Meaning the budget’s gonna be cut somehow..damn! What a time to be alive huh? I just can’t deal… (Leaves and goes home…)

6am and my alarm rings… It’s a brand new day so I’ve got to make it right. Say my morning prayer, shower, cup of hot chocolate and off I go. Gets into the office and the first thing I see, Britney lying on her desk. I just knew she had a crazy night.

Girl you need to stop partying during the week. You’re such a mess even your makeup looks awful..” I said trying not to taunt her.

What you need Sky is a life. Girl you work way too much. When was the last time you even went for a date? I’d rather party my life out than be as boring as you are”, Britney responded.

Well let’s all thank the heavens we are neither of us. At least keep your breath fresh” I said as I handed a mint gum to her. Britney and I always had these little fights in the morning. I was the quiet one and she the crazy one. She always tried to have me do something fun or just to get out of my zone but I was way too comfortable to change anything. “I’m fine just the way I am” I’ll always tell her but she never gave up trying.  I smiled as I saw her crawling down her desk. “Girl you’re just impossible” and I went to my own desk.

Files and more files and I was getting tired. The music playing in my ears weren’t encouraging/comforting me any longer and Brit was making these strange sounds cuz of her hungover. Time for a break so I head down to the cafeteria. Going through some pictures on my tablet and some memories came back. I go from smiling to a straight face and back to smiling as I flip through the images. Then Steven pops up : “Hey can I sit here?” I was tryna have a ‘me moment’ and I literally wanted to say no then I said yes. So he sat face to me and there was this awkward silence. Maybe he was just trying to make friends cuz he’s new so I randomly asked “How is your first day? Do you like it already? ” “Well, it’s just formalities for now so I can’t complain.” He responded. He was tall, this real chocolate brown complexion, right shape meaning he gyms, a birth scar under his left eye. He was a handsome guy and he wouldn’t lack attention from all the ladies around here. Why did he even choose to come sit with me? Wow I had started with my overthinking so I dug my nose in my latte.

He laughed and I looked him straight in the face : “why are you laughing?”

Do you always like hiding this way or it’s my presence that’s making you uncomfortable?”

I was caught red-handed. “I’m sorry. I really like being on my own, that’s just really me.”

Well I don’t wanna step my boundaries but I don’t think anyone really wants to be alone. Sometimes we are just searching for someone to just understand us, to be there for us. Someone who’ll make us feel important, special, unique. And I know the silence and loneliness gets overwhelming and you need a friend to share with. I’m not a friend but what I could tell you is; you don’t have to fight whatever it is you’re going through alone. And maybe if you really wanted to be alone you would have found a more discrete place to hide.” I smiled and he went on saying ” You can’t keep hiding if you want to be seen. Sometimes you just have to let go of what you think you know and embrace the unknown. I don’t want ro sound cliché but you do have a cute smile so do smile more.” This time around I really gave a broad smile. “I won’t bother you any longer so do have a nice day Miss Sky” “Thank you Steven” and he left.

I laid back and thought of what he said. I was always over thinking about everything and never took time to even be grateful for all I had. I was a pretty young lady, who had worked hard to get to her position today. Yes I am the first born and I have alot of responsibilities but that doesnt mean I can’t live or my problems are the end of the world. I just had to admit very day wont be rosy but still in those days, there could be reasons to smile. I don’t need to isolate myself. Maybe I should accept that invitation from Brit. Shell definitely be on cloud nine after I tell her I’ll go for dinner. Somehow I felt some relieve. Those words were everything I needed. It was indeed a great meeting.

#short fiction

Has it ever happened to you that just when you are down and need some sort of push, someone is always there to give you that? It could be a friend, family member, coworker like Sky’s case or even a total stranger. This is to all the meetings we’ve encountered who pushed us forward. Let me know about your own meetings. Have a nice day God bless.

Sammy J.


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