True perspective


A tender heart captive in the body of a warrior,
A mind that wonders in search of nothing less than love, laughter and compassion,
An uncertain desire to achieve and appease,
And the diversity of life balancing the odds and the evens.

A universe of words yet nothing fits the description,
And the thought of commitment instills chills of repudiation,
The picture they paint as a first impression,
Is nothing near to the true conception.

Sometimes the harder you look the less you find,
And nothing is more judgeful than your mind, when you know you should’ve tried,
The spirit of a gladiator, with ambitions always on the rise
Seeking to be best every single time.

Those looking up to you, both young and old,
Always expect better than perfect regardless of thine own.
Visions you can’t persue, because values are your stronghold,
And what you do either makes her proud or mad.

I close now and continue to strive,
Always carry with me God, Love and Life!
The journey never ends even after the tide,
A nerd’s story or dare I say, my unending journey of life.


We have so much on our shoulders, from responsibilities, to how people look up to us and our daily battle of being the real us. With all this happenin, all we have is hope and trust and a true perspective of what we really want. Have a blessed weekend.

Sammy J.


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