My greatest enemy was myself.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

It’s kinda hard to admit it but just take a moment to think about it. Have you ever had a mirror talk with yourself? Have you ever just stood there and analyzed yourself? What’s the first thing that comes up? Is it what makes you beautiful or your flaws? What do you think of? Your accomplishments or your mistakes? What do you see? A grown man/woman or a kid who doesn’t want to grow? A broken record or a work in progress? A misfortune or a blessing? What do you think of yourself? Do you like what you see?  I’m sure you get my point now…

In every thing we do, there’s always our good will (usually a calm voice within us), guiding us, encouraging us, telling us we are strong, we are capable of great things, we are brave, we are beautiful, we are warriors and nothing can stop us if we keep believing and putting the right amount of work. But then, there is that other voice (usually a loud and ugly voice) that stirs up fear, telling us we don’t have the requirements to get where we want to. Telling us we are unworthy of love, we are useless, we don’t deserve anything. It makes us believe we are meant to live a mediocre life whereas we are meant to reach the stars.

So slowly, we let that voice cloud our judgement, we build in so much hate and resentment towards ourselves and others. We no longer believe. We bash people around and when we see something genuine, we do everything possible to destroy it because we’ve let ourselves to be deceived, to be cheated upon by our very own thoughts. Or by letting the devil lead us into believing we are not worth it. We let words get to us. We let circumstances change us. And now, we’ve lost our sense of life, joy, happiness, love, trust, hope and we don’t want anything. We even go to the extent of wishing ill on ourselves, we say we deserve such, attracting more wrongs our way.

So tell me, what’s the deal here? No matter how much good, encouragements someone gives you, if your mind, spirit and your whole being is channelled to believing you don’t deserve anything good, it’ll all fall on deaf ears. So do you understand when I say my greatest enemy is myself? I build walls around me to maybe protect myself but I might be doing more harm than good. I tend to hold in so many negative thoughts that they becoming my reality. I hinder myself from new opportunities. I lose faith. I change. I become bitter. I practically destroy myself in a way. I, I, I…Do you find yourself in this situation? GET OUT OF IT!

So honey, you need some reprogramming and a new vision/perspective. You are beautiful, awesome, great, intelligent, strong and brave, fearless, talented. So stop bridging yourself and be free. Take chances, be bold. I want you to look into the mirror and see how amazing you are. Learn from the mistakes and forget the past. Enjoy the present and work for the future. You can’t have yourself wasting your life on regrets and negativity. Be purposeful, know your worth, have integrity and be you. Fly like the eagle that you are. Have a blessed week and God bless you.

Sammy J.


9 thoughts on “My greatest enemy was myself.

  1. I agree, I can definitely be my own worst enemy, I feel a lot of it has to do with fear of failure and not getting things done correctly and perfectly the first time, when great things take time. I need to stick things through when it gets tough and keep chugging along….nice post

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