I remember.


I remember everything,
Not until yesterday, it was my reality
The words u said had me bleeding
My young heart was left in pieces
All I could think of is “why me?”

I remember leaving all social media
Was my way of getting rid of this drama
A story, pain I couldn’t share with another
Because I found it hard to take a step further
So all I did was bury myself in my chamber.

I remember writing every single tip
That could bring me close to my sanity
Hence save me from my own destruction
Had all my hopes slowly in construction
But I failed! It was all malfunction.

I remember falling down on my knees
Praying this was nothing but a dream
Felt my flesh as I peeled off my skin
Held my chest tight to feel my heartbeat
Hurt so bad I cried myself to sleep
And even unconscious, all I could do is scream
It got hard distinguishing fake from real…
So all I did is remember!

Sammy J.

Sometimes our thoughts and all the pain,hurt we’ve been through is so intense we take it as our reality. So all we do is remember every little thing, hoping we might get rid of it somehow.


5 thoughts on “I remember.

      1. I know darling! That post of your experience is the first post I read when I followed u, and I fell in love with your strength and courage to write about the storms in your life and show us a glimpse of your nightmares!
        Stay blessed gurl!

        Liked by 1 person

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