I want to but…



I want to talk but I lack the words.

I want to breathe but I find it so hard.

I want to live but it seems so risky.

I want to be happy but something within me

screams that i don’t deserve it.

I want to dance but I’m afraid to.

I want to travel the world but I guess I don’t have the means.

I want to be free but will I be able to handle it?

I want to love but I’m scared of being hurt.

I want to forgive but it’s harder than I thought.

I want to be me but I feel I’m gonna be judged.

I want to cry but I’m all dried up.

I want to make a change but there’s so much pressure on me.

I want to do so many things but where do I start from?

Start from you, from within. Pray, keep good thoughts, plan, surround yourself with good/trust worthy people. Believe you can achieve it. Hold on to the dream and do all your best and the rest will fall in place.

To all those saying “I want to but I can’t” change that statement to “ I want to and I will”. Maybe not now but once you get the chance to, do it.

Love when you can, forgive and let go, dance in the rain and forget about the pain, go down on your knees and pray. Be you and be brave. Just do it.

PS: Leave your own words of things you want to do but for some reason whatsoever (fear, procastination, laziness etc) you keep on pushing away and simply not doing it.

Have a blessed weekend and God bless.

 Sammy J.


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