Who are you really mad at?


You blame the world for not giving you opportunities but do you go looking for them? You blame people for leaving you but have you forgotten you threw them out of your life? You blame your mum for saying ugly words to you but have you ever tried finding out why she behaved that way? You blame your dad for not being there enough but have you thought of the sacrifices he has done for you and your siblings? You blame family for not being supportive but have you forgotten, every chance they gave you, you blew it away? You blame friends for not being honest and open with you, but have you forgotten you did alot of backstabbing? You blame guys and call them scum but have you forgotten the number of hearts you broke?

The list is endless but here’s my point; we are so very quick to judging and blaming others sometimes for the very mistakes we did and actions we placed. While pointing 1 finger at someone, remember 4 others are pointing back at you. We go about trying to find excuses when deep within, we know we messed up but it’s easier to blame someone else. We go about saying “yes I am wrong but you were supposed to be there for me. You were supposed to guide me” but the truth is, people won’t always be there for us and they have responsibilities too. We have to be our own masters most of the time in such a way, even people ain’t there, we don’t loose our minds.

I was in that state of mind for a long time. I blamed the world and everyone else for the misfortunes that fell upon me but the truth always comes to life. I was my very own enemy. I emprisoned myself in this jail of guilt, shame, unforgiveness, hatred, pain and it blocked me from moving forward. I was stuck. And not until I realized I was my own downfall, I saw demons everywhere. So not until you take some time out to analyze your life and know where exactly the problem comes from, you’ll end up chasing ghosts in endless places when they lie within you.

You have your role to play in every relationship. You have your shortcomings, your flaws, your dramas and while you’re busy trying to put labels and accusing others, accept it. You are at fault too. There is no fire with no smoke. Direct that anger towards the right person…you had some setbacks and it’s alright. Stop with the judging and start with the growing. Build yourself and instead of trying to do some pay back or get into some new relationship with old baggage, heal and better yourself.

So tell me, who are you really mad at?

God bless.

Sammy J.


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