Right or wrong?

right wrong

  “It’s funny how a single word can make a heart open”…

We argue a lot, way too much and most times we just want to prove a point.

Dressed in our superiority coats, full of pride,

We find ourselves at crossroads, positioned on battlefields we promised never to partake in.

And we shoot; words of contempt, frustration, and arrogance.

Signs of lack of trust, misunderstanding, and impatience.

Pouring salt on fresh wounds, we bleed!

In the process we unleash skeletons of the past.

How did it get so messy? We don’t really care!

This is no longer mere talk, we are at war.

We have reached Mutually Assured Destruction…M.A.D!

We have nukes pointing at each other, this is really sad.

And when things turn out not to be in our favor, we begin bashing.

Blaming, fussing and playing the victim.

I can take just as much but to have me pay for the mistakes and the hurt someone else inflicted on you, is not one of them.

It has turned real ugly and bloody.

Our hearts are torn in two, we have turned stone cold.

Look what we’ve done to each other?

How did we get here?

We were so busy trying to prove we were right we did everything wrong.

We were so busy pointing fingers we failed to understand each other.

Emotional intelligence!

          “Tell me what you want I want it too.”

I don’t want to fight anymore. Can we reach a mutual forgiving?

I want peace but how can I say that when you feel war around you?

I want to know you, understand you but how can I when every action I take reminds you of someone else?

I want to save you but how can I when I haven’t saved myself?

I can’t fix you but I promised to be there by your side so why don’t you let me?


I never meant to make you feel insecure.

I never wanted you not to feel good enough.

Talk to me, donot blame me!

All I ever wanted was to care and look out for you but why is it so draining?

I got so caught up in this jumble I don’t even I know who I am anymore…

I am messed up, we are messed up!

         “Hold on to me cuz I’m a little unsteady!”

How can you plan for the future when you’re stuck in the past and your present is built on crumbs and filled with cracks?

How do I tell you I’m hurt without having you take the blame?

How do we expect to grow if we can’t take correction?

And how do I claim to love you if I lie to you?

Emotional Intelligence!

          “I’ve still got alot to say”…

Just because I’m hard on you doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Just because I tell you the truth doesn’t mean I don’t care about your feelings.

Just because you are right doesn’t mean I’m wrong. You just haven’t seen life from my side.

How do we even get to find out the real deal when we’re busy breaking each other’s hearts?

There is no right or wrong, just cause and effect.

There is no right or wrong, just consequences of our decisions

And today we took the path of enemies.

I got tired of talking when I realized words didn’t mean anything.

So here I am bleeding on this sheet, hoping it’ll help me heal!

         “If you love me, don’t let go!”

Maybe beyond our ideas of right doings and wrongdoings is a field where there are no misunderstandings.

I’ll meet you there when all this madness is over.

When we’ve matured and are willing to learn, to help each other.

Because when it comes to being happy, there is no right or wrong.  Just a clash between your happiness and people’s judgment.

I apologize each time, not because I’m right or wrong, but simply because I value our friendship more than my ego.

I think by now you should know I GOT YOU! Through it all and I’ll always do…I’m just tired of fighting!

  “Love knows no right or wrong. Love is. Only is”.

God Bless.

Sammy J.

I feel like we argue these days just for fancy, to be the most intelligent one There’s no construction, no love in our choice of words. We need to understand eachother more instead of hurting more. What do you think or how do you feel about arguments?


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