Things we say to ourselves.


When I was younger, hurting yourself was so weird.

I just didn’t understand why people would inflict pain intentionally.

But as I grew older, I understood we all did it somehow.

From the little conversations we have infront of the mirror,

scrutinizing and hating on our flaws,

To comparing ourselves to all the silicon bodies,

portrayed by celebrities and all the societal ideologies.

Thinking we’ll never make it.

Wishing we were all ‘perfect’.

To saying “you’re such an idiot” during lectures,

simply because we don’t understand a lesson.

To holding on to our past, our mistakes,

Reviving all the hurt and proclaiming we’ll never be good enough!

All these little things make a huge difference.

The things we say to ourselves shape us.

Our perception about life, beauty, all messed up.

They slice up our self-esteem into little pieces till it’s all gone.

We’re all empty shells.

I now understand…

It’s easier to heal a physical scar than a psychological one.

So be careful how you treat yourself, be careful what you say to yourself.

Be careful of those degrading thoughts that ruin your self-esteem.

Beware of those people who try to break you down.

Break free from the hurt and pain, live!

Be bold, strong, resilient, ambitious.

Stop with the self-hate and appreciate yourself more.

You are beautiful.

Sammy J.


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