My blog anniversary


Wow…it’s been a year I started blogging and honestly, it was out of pure curiosity. Also, I had some poetry I had written in a long while and I felt it needed to see the light, no more hiding what I was capable of writing. I also think my friends had a great role to play as to me starting this…they’ll always say ‘Sammy, you have this ability to speak and advise people so you should share your thoughts with the world. And here I am, a year later enjoying every single post, poet, thought I wrote. Here are a few things I learnt while blogging:

  1. Start somewhere:                                                                                                                                  I think we all have some talents or passions harbored deep within us but we feel like we need big platforms, big crowds, huge following to be recognized and so. But do you really reach start running without walking or exercising? Do you reach the peak without starting from scratch? Rome wasn’t built in a day so if you know you have something you wanna do or feel passionate about,start it. I don’t matter if you touch a single soul or it takes time. The important is to embark on your journey and trust your gut and build your empire!

    2. Practice makes perfect:                                                                                                                            When I started, I used to write extrememly long posts and with time, I learnt to say what needed to be said. I’ll make points and cut my writings in paragraphs to make reading easier. I became more creative and spoke about more topics not just about my life and things that affected me. I saw a broader view and I was able to expansiate my writing abilities. My poetry s so much better so my point is: practice makes perfect. You may start as an apprentice but even if blogging doesn’t becomeyour life, you gain abilities you never would have imagined.

    3. There’s a whole nother world out there:                                                                                                I’m still amazed at the blogging sphere and every day I meet amazing people with amazing ideas and personalities. I’ve grown so much, learnt so much, been inspired so much and this challenges me to be better and do better! Thank you to all the amazing bloggers!

    4. Take nothing for granted:                                                                                                                          I remember days where I didn’t feel like writing. I remember days when I thought my writing was wack. I remember days where I didn’t  even want to go on this journey anymore but with each post, I got an encouragement,messages from people I didn’t even know telling me they needed to hear what I wrote; they relate to what I write, they are inspired by me, my words and reading these comments kept me going. Though I was writing as a means to remain sane, I felt so much comfort and solace knowing my story could help even a single soul. I am blessed! So no matter how you feel, never think your idea is stupid or not worth chasing. you might be helping someone even if they don’t have the courage to tell you. Keep going!

    5. Appreciate every moment:                                                                                                                   There will be days you won’t get traffic on your blog and other days you’ll be wondering why so many people are visiting your blog. I do think my first motive is to reach out, have good content, speak about things which are relatable and be real. As for the targeted market, I’ll reach them somehow but in the main time, I’m enjoying my ride throughout. So no matter how affluent you are, be humble and never lose focus of the goal.

So I want to thank everyone for embarking on this journey with me: my friends, family, bloggers and even my random readers and the silent ones who are to shy to express themselves. I’m grateful for this life and to ahare this with you guys and I hope the future is promising cuz I do have a lot in store for you so stay tuned. To more writing✒✒. God bless.

Sammy J.



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