Why I stopped blaming God and started owning my actions.


“People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.” Proverbs 19:3

I don’t know about you guys but there was an overflow of  “2016 was my worst or it was a pretty rough year for me” and I raise my hand because I belong to this category. I made so many mistakes, lost hope, almost gave up and on entering 2017, I said I was going to do better, be better. I knew what went wrong and eventhough I started off well, obviously along the way, I lost track. This was when I realized most of my lows were because of me.

I allowed alot of things to happen because I didn’t want to let go of certain friendships, relationships but most especially, I held on to those habits that prevented me from growing and evolving as a person. I literally said “I’m big enough so I can make decisions on my own. I can handle things. Take intiatives. Break rules etc“. and I left God out of the equation. Long story short, my plans failed, my friendships were wrecked, relations with family members broken and I was a disappointment and like any human, instead of going into a period of introspection, we find a culprit. And we turn to God saying: “Lord why is this happening to me? Why have you abandoned me? Why is my life such a mess? Where are you?”…Then this little voice in me said: “Oh wait, now you know God? When you decided to take control of your life, did you think of Him? Did you remember there is a Supreme Being who knows all, sees all and is the master of all? No you didn’t! and now you are angry at Him.” 

People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord. – proverbs 19:3

Funny thing is, I prayed not to have these things. I prayed not to have the wrong people in my life. I prayed to make the right decisions but STUBBORNESS! I went straight into the very things I prayed against. HUMAN NATURE. Sometimes we pray against enemies when we are our very own enemies. We are our enemies of progress. We are our own failures and PRIDE won’t allow us to realize we are the real source of our problems, Man this is crazy!

There is a quote that says: ” when you want to breathe as bad as you want to succeed then you’ll be successful.” If you want to change, then you’ll make the necessary changes. If you want God more than anything, then you will have Him. Many of us don’t move forward because we are so cozy in our comfort zones. We don’t want anything to disturb our regular schedules. We don’t want anyone to dictate what we should do. We just wanna be our own masters, live like we please but when it gets rough, we blame God.

I wasn’t seeking God with everything in me so my plans rested on my human intelligence. God surely even placed stop signs and showed me red flags but I ignored them. So who’s fault is it really? I was the reason I didn’t have more of God. I was lazy or maybe proud. We cannot expect a full-time God while being a part-time Christian! If we aren’t doing our part, why do we keep begging God to do His? But in His loving nature, he still stands by us through it all.

I got to a point where I was tired of living this way. I left social media, cut off some friends, blocked others and took some time out to get my shit together. And if I am able to realize this today, is cuz I had questions and I was genuinely looking for the answers. I really wanted to get my life in shape. I don’t want to be the reason why I ain’t reaching my potential. I don’t want to be my downfall. So being lazy was no longer an option, I had to work for it.

It’s time we realized God is the only one who can guide and direct us into our paths and purposes in life. We’ve got to acknowledge that those mistakes we make are not God-sent but we bring them upon ourselves due to our bad choices. God wants the utmost best for us so He wouldn’t send failure. Check yourself again and stop blaming God. Have that honest conversation with yourself and be free.

If you are really committed to growth, you have to pray and ask God to reveal to you whatever it is within you that is hindering you from growing. I did and God has been revealing the most and I’m sitting here shook! (Post for another day). I do pray we make the right choices henceforth and prosper in our goals and lives. God direct our steps! God bless.

Sammy J.


9 thoughts on “Why I stopped blaming God and started owning my actions.

    1. Thank you Sammy for this very beautiful reflection and yes indeed we know nothing.One amazing thing that God melts my heart with is his ability to love us even in our shortcomings and forgive us always.In all our struggles may God give us rest.

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing from the heart. I’m in a similar frame of mind at the moment, just releasing my all to God. Forgetting what I thought I knew. Because I actually knew nothing at all 😌😅

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