What the first half of the year taught me…

hello july

Since the year began I think I left my habit of making month reviews and also because I didn’t blog so much during the first part of the year. But I did have some real eye opening experiences as from April …whenever it happened, alot about me changed especially my writing abilities and my level of reaching out to people. Being responsive to change, criticism and all. Not blogging so much also gave me time to learn a great deal about life, myself, people and the choices I made. So this is what these 6 first months taught me:

1)  Allow yourself to feel:

I carried alot of drama, hurt, pain, memories from 2016 and at a point, all I just wanted to do was push them away and forget. But the feelings you suppress will appear in the ugliest way so I had to let myself feel everything. Understand why I was feeling that way. I had to assess my feelings and this enabled me to be more aware of myself and how I respond to my surroundings. With this knowledge about my emotions, I was able to forgive and heal. So no matter what happens, don’t try to deny or run away from them. Allow yourself to feel everything but do not stay stuck in the moment. Move on.

2) Take some time out: 

The feelings got to a point where I was overwhelmed with everything and I felt I was even lashing out on people for no good reason. So I had to take some time out away from social media just to get my stuff together and be real with myself. This enabled me to search deep down in me the core of most of my problems and worries. I could identify where I messed up, who hurt me, who I hurt and hence be more mindful about my situation. So taking some time out really helps you to learn to be alone, to separate yourself from the world for some time to get ur life in order.

3) Find yourself:

In this process of taking timeout, you find yourself. You’ve got rediscover who you are, what you want and need, who you wanna be. What do you like, what are you passionate about. With every turning piece of the puzzle which is yourself, learn to love yourself through the flaws and mistakes.  Know your worth n appreciate your beauty. Know yourself in ways you could never imagine. Explore the deeper sides of yourself. Embrace both the good and bad and learn how to tame the dark side because sometimes we focus so much on the good we forget there’s the bad. Once you learn fully about who you are including your rough sides, no one can use anything against you becasue you must have taken time to know yourself. So make it your mission to be your own bestfriend and lover.

4) Turn to God:

I couldn’t fully grasp the sense of who I was until I had to go to God. And due to the various situations I had been, I had this void in me and even though I did certain things I felt would give me happiness, I just couldn’t fill that void. And the only person who could fill it was God. So I had to go to Him and literally pour out my heart and let Him take control. I had to let Him lead me, I had to surrender and believe me, He has been good and He keeps doing His part. I have since had revelations about my life, my character andthis has cleared alot for me. God made you so He knows what’s right for you. If you just give Him a little part and call out on Him, He will honor you and never leave you. So try Him…taste the lord and see that He is good.

5) Exploit your talents: 

Like I said, finding myself helped me know my talents and really not be scared of expressing them. I have been blogging more, writing more poems, doing threads on twitter about lots of things, reading more and I have been lead to do things I was scared of doing or I was too bothered about external views to even allow myself have a chance in life. I have just been doing me so all the things above have had me feeling at peace with myself hence appreciating life more.

6) Let go and grow through the process: 

When you assess your feelings, when you find the core issue to your problems, when you find God and yourself, you let go and there’s this peace you attain. I have grown so much these last 3 months by simply applying these few steps and I can’t wait to see what’s more for me in the future. My ideas are clearer, my life seems to be moving accordingly and I feel like for once, I’m going somewhere. These days I just let myself feel and I do what I feel is right. I’m not bothered and I know when the time is right, I’ll get where I’m meant to be. So right now, I do my best and leave the rest  to God. I’m enjoying the process.

So, the first 6months of the year have been revealing and I can only pray the next 6 months are filled with more blessings, clarification, peace and revelations from God. I’ll like to know how your first few months have been for you guys and I hope these few steps of mine helps someone get some answers to questions you have. Happy new month and may God keep blessing each and every one of us.

Sammy J.



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