Most days…

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Some days I am the incarnation of happiness itself,

From smile to smile I spread love and beauty,

Other days I am so broken, picking up the pieces of a dysfunctional life.

Some days I am as strong as Samsong,

Fighting and breaking walls standing my way,

Other days I can barely stand tall, wondering if anything is worth it.

Some days I reflect light, an image of paradise,

Other days I dwell in the dark, wrestlingwith my very own demons.

Some days I am so full of life, hope, faith and trust,

Other days I am so empty that every breath hurts.

Some days I am transparent, I let my frustration outI,

I acknowledge my flaws and have my breakdowns,

And other days I try to paint my insecurities white,

Pretending everythingis alright, the absolute lie.

But most days I am human, I am not perfect,

And I am a work in progress so I’ll never quit trying,

Waking up every being anddoing the best I can.

Sammy J.

It get hard at times to keep up with the positivity, the energy, the goofiness etc and we fall into the melancholy and dramas of life. But we’ve got to keep going cuz those emotions only prove we are human and through it all, we are strong. Have a blessed day.


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