Nothing happens twice for the same reason.

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Have you ever experienced something and later on in the future, you get that sensation of “déjà-vu”? And most of the time instead of wondering why the same things are happening over and over again, we shrug it off saying “I’ve seen it already, what’s different about this time.? Let is just happen and let’s be done with this!” Same…same. I used to say that and never pay attention to the little changes in the situations or even how my character was affected. I’ll just let it go.

It took my life to go on one of those journeys where there’s no turning back to understand the consequences of my actions. It took me breaking down and not wanting to move on with life to understand why certain things were happening to me. And it took me a lot of discernment and self assessment to try and dig deep down why things were happening the same way all over again.

You see, this life we live has been prepared for and God intended certain things to go a certain way and when we fail to understand that, we may find ourselves really running in circles. God is very intentional and He will have you going through the same seasons till you learn the lessons and grow in maturity. Until you learn to depend on Him. Until you learn to surrender and be obedient and hence make better decisions for your life.

These are a few things God had me working on in one of those repetitive seasons:

1) Keep the faith:

I remember giving up, literally. I wasn’t even sure I was gonna make it and I left my family handle the situation for me because from my point of view, it was already over so when a similar situation happened, I had a change of heart. Even though I was overwhelmed with the situation, I told God exactly how I felt, did my best and let Him handle the rest. And He came through for me even had people leave personal schedules to attend to me. That’s what happens when you hold on to your faith and trust God. I know it seems easier said than done especially when things seem to be falling apart but just try it. You’ll see the difference.

2) Change your thoughts.

I remember crying a lot, saying a lot of hurtful things to myself like I wasn’t worthy. I wasn’t gonna make it. I’m a disgrace to my family and a bad example for my siblings. And that’s exactly how the devil holds us captives; by feeding us with all these lies but We know better. God created us to live a life poured out and be happy. So when I faced similar circumstances, I told myself my mistakes don’t define me and it is not the end of the world. I can be better and I will be better. And I held on to positivity. Be careful how you feed your thoughts because they could easily become your reality. Remember you are a priceless possession and you can’t live a mediocre life.

3) Change your character.

I am a little stubborn so sometimes when things don’t go my way, I go off and things happening over and over again enabled me to sit down and be humble. Honestly, humility precedes glory and be open to advise and wisdom from elders. When you are down and hitting rock bottom, people will be there to help and see you through. Don’t be the cause of your own misery by being arrogant.

Conclusively, if you realize certain things keep happening in life repeatedly, sit down and examine the situation.

  • Why is it happening?

– How did I react to it the first time? 

– What do I intend changing? Is it my thoughts? My character? My way of looking at things?

– Do I trust God to see me through all my uncertainties?

Remember, things aren’t happening to you but for you. Change your perception about things and watch your life unfold. And patience is a virtue so do not wreck every thing by rushing. I hope this new month brings good tidings and may we all grow to be the best versions of ourselves. God bless you.

Sammy J.

If you liked this post, please let me know in the comment section and I’ll love to get your views about this subject. How do you react to difficult situations and how do you manage to be calm or get out of them. Your ideas I’ll help me improve too. Let’s chat ok? So drop your comments please. Have a blessed day


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