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I was scared to write this poem cuz I thought I didn’t have the words
Truth is, only when you speak about the pain is when you realize how much it hurts
They say time heals everything but here I am, still feeling lost
Yet somehow willing to pay the prize no matter how much it costs.
The memories still come to me, so vivid
The feelings are so fresh like they happened yesterday
I felt something leave me and my heart literally stopped beating
My mind lost track and probably found itself wandering in the milky way
My world paused or rather, everything was in slow motion
And at that moment, it was like I had a cerebral commotion.

I was never given the chance to say a proper goodbye
Maybe explain why I sometimes acted like a child
I was never taught how to let go
So tell me, how do I make it on my own?
It’s true what they say, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
I’m sorry I didn’t always tell you how much you meant to me
That alone haunts me from sunset till dawn
I miss you and even if these words don’t cut it
I grieve and my heart bleeds heavily
This loss will forever be my number one tragedy.

Sammy J.

I’m sure we have all experienced a loss or tragedy be someone who died or who isn’t in our lives anymore. How does it feel like? Do you have any regrets? Did you tell them how much you loved them before they left you? Drop your comments so we can all share in our experiences. Have a blessed week.


7 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Don’t ever be afraid to express yourself him. This blog is all about who you are and your expression. I loved this poem, I experienced a lot of loss in the past and what helps is to heal, mourn and move forward. Keep on writing!


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