New beginnings

I remember anticipating, almost craving the new year
Picked up my diary, scribbled words
Goals, changes, even my fears
Hoping the simple act of writing could change my world
But it was more of a routine
I was covered in facades, crowd pleasing
Focusing on the outside than what was within
So I tried finding answers to the ‘why’
And it struck me…
No matter how hard you try
Your actions and decisions will always be a reflection of your heart
Your thoughts rule your life
You can’t serve two masters at a time
It’s either light or dark, good or bad.
So until you truly want this year to be your year
Face your demons!
Dig deep, explore, understand, feel
Then release everything, shred old skin
Be the change, make the difference.
It always starts with you

But you have to start now…

Sammy J.

For anyone who set goals at the beginning of the year and for some reason hasn’t been able to go through with any of them, it’s never too late to start now. Pick up from wherever you are and make something out of your life. You are not behind. Everything works in time so don’t give up.


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